(1) For the purpose of implementing the provisions of 37-1-307, MCA, and in addition to the provisions of 37-1-316, MCA, the board defines "unprofessional conduct" as follows:

(a) failure to report to the board facts known to the licensed individual regarding the unlicensed or otherwise illegal practice of clinical laboratory science in the state of Montana;

(b) practice beyond the scope of practice encompassed by the license;

(c) failure by a licensed supervisor of a clinical laboratory technician to be accessible at all times that testing is being performed by the technician in order to provide on-site, telephonic or electronic consultation;

(d) assault or abuse of a patient;

(e) inaccurately recording, falsifying, or otherwise altering any laboratory test;

(f) failure to provide proof of current licensure upon inspection of clinical laboratory science licenses by the board or its designated or contracted representative;

(g) failure to comply with other state or federal statutes or rules regulating the practice of clinical laboratory science;

(h) failure to adequately supervise or evaluate a clinical laboratory technician in accordance with Title 37, chapter 34, MCA, or board administrative rules; or

(i) performing functions not related to a clinical laboratory specialist's particular specialty.


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