(1) The water-use classifications adopted for the Flathead River are as follows:

(a) Flathead River drainage above Flathead Lake except waters listed in (1)(a)(i) through (viii) B-1

(i) Essex Creek drainage to the Essex water supply intake (approximately at latitude 48.2668, longitude -113.639) A-Closed

(ii) Stillwater River (mainstem) from Logan Creek to the Flathead River B-2

(iii) Whitefish Lake and its tributaries A-1

(iv) Whitefish River (mainstem) from the outlet of Whitefish Lake to the Stillwater River B-2

(v) Haskill Creek drainage to the Whitefish water supply intake (approximately at latitude 48.4584, longitude -114.3054) A-1

(vi) Ashley Creek (mainstem) from Smith Lake to bridge crossing on the airport road about one mile south of Kalispell B-2

(vii) Ashley Creek (mainstem) from bridge crossing on airport road to the Flathead River C-2

(viii) The mainstems of the north and middle forks of the Flathead River above their junction A-1

(b) Flathead Lake north of the Flathead Indian Reservation and waters of its tributaries from Flathead River inlet to U.S. Highway 93 bridge at Polson that lie outside of the Flathead Indian Reservation boundary except Swan River as listed in (1)(b)(i), but including Swan Lake proper and Lake Mary Ronan proper A-1

(i) Swan River drainage (except Swan Lake proper) B-1

(c) Waters outside of the Flathead Indian Reservation that are tributary to the Flathead River drainage below the highway bridge at Polson to confluence with Clark Fork River except the Little Bitterroot River mainstem listed in (1)(c)(i) and including the Flathead River drainage west of the Flathead Indian Reservation boundary B-1

(i) Little Bitterroot River (mainstem) from Hubbart Reservoir dam to the Flathead Indian Reservation boundary B-2


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