(1) "Group prenatal care" means a combination of individual prenatal care with facilitated group education and support. The groups consist of four to twelve pregnant women with similar due dates.

(2) "Promising Pregnancy Care (PPC)" means the Montana Healthcare Programs reimbursable group prenatal care program. The Montana Healthcare Programs include:

(a) Montana Medicaid;

(b) Healthy Montana Kids (HMK);

(c) HMK Plus Medicaid; and

(d) the Health and Economic Livelihood Plan (HELP).

(3) "Self-care activities" means activities that members complete on their own and includes activities such as measuring weight and blood pressure.

(4) "State approved program" means a program that meets the education requirement of the department or is Centering Certified through the Centering Healthcare Institute and has been approved for reimbursement by the department.


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