(1) Prior to granting any license, the board or its designee shall verify the statements made in applications for licensure as deemed necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

(2) Each application must be complete and submitted on a form prescribed by the department before a license can be issued or the application is ready for review by the full board as nonroutine under ARM 24.182.508.

(3) Fingerprints required under Title 37, chapter 60, MCA, shall be submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Montana Department of Justice for examination. Final licensure is granted only following receipt and review of the Federal Bureau of Investigation report and any investigations thereof. A fingerprint report is valid for six months from date of receipt of the report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

(4) Proof of employment, education, and training must be submitted with the application and may include transcripts, diplomas, seminar certificates, course completion certificates, payroll records or income tax returns if self-employed, employee verification, or other supporting evidence.

(5) An incomplete application will time out one year after the date it was initially submitted, and the applicant must reapply and pay a new application fee to be considered for licensure.


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