(1) An applicant for licensure as a contract security company, electronic security company, or proprietary security organization must obtain a company license for the applicant's principal place of business. Subsequent company locations within Montana may be licensed as branch offices. All applications must comply with the requirements stated in ARM 24.182.405, 24.182.407, 24.182.501, 24.182.807, 24.182.810, and 24.182.813.

(2) Company licensees shall provide proof of registration with the Montana Secretary of State's office and provide the following information:

(a) for individual ownership, the name of the owner and the owner's address;

(b) for a partnership, a list of partners and their addresses;

(c) for a limited liability company, a list of the members and their addresses; or

(d) for a corporation, a list of principal officers and their addresses.

(3) No branch office shall be authorized for any category of licensure without approval by the board or its designee.

(4) An applicant for licensure as a company or branch office shall provide the name of the resident manager appointed to exercise direct supervision, control, charge, management, or operation of each company or branch office located in Montana.

(5) Each branch office shall have at least one resident manager who:

(a) is typically present during regular Monday through Friday office hours; and

(b) has established to the board's satisfaction that the resident manager meets the necessary experience qualifications of ARM 24.182.523.


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