(1) Certified firearms instructors (CFI) shall submit course outlines for approval by the board or its designee. Firearms training courses must meet the objectives of firearm safety and shooting proficiency, with emphasis on shooting distances of less than 15 yards.

(2) Firearms training courses must address the following issues:

(a) firearm familiarization, including:

(i) safety levers;

(ii) decocking levers;

(iii) magazine release;

(iv) slide-lock release; and

(v) reloading;

(b) safe handling of the firearm, emphasizing:

(i) negligent discharge;

(ii) muzzle direction;

(iii) dropping a firearm;

(iv) finger on trigger;

(v) proper grip;

(vi) sight picture;

(vii) proper holstering;

(viii) firearm retention;

(ix) management of malfunctions; and

(x) firearms in the home;

(c) relevant Montana law regarding the use of deadly force, including civil and criminal liability; and

(d) shooting judgment.

(3) Applicants must include a detailed summary of the firearms training courses required in (2).

(4) Demonstrated competency for both the proficiency test and the written test shall be determined by the certified firearms instructor.


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