24.114.301    DEFINITIONS

(1) "AIA" means the American Institute of Architects.

(2) "ARE" means the Architect Registration Examination, a proprietary exam developed and administered by NCARB.

(3) "AXP" means the Architectural Experience Program comprehensive experience requirement program formerly referenced as the IDP administered by NCARB.

(4) "CACB/CCCA" means the Canadian Architectural Certification Board/Conseil canadien de certification en architecture.

(5) "CLARB" means the Council of Landscape Architects Registration Boards, an international professional organization that provides testing and certification of landscape architects. CLARB may be contacted at www.clarb.org.

(6) "CLARB record" means the CLARB verification of education, experience, examination, licensure history, and professional references.

(7) "Emergency" means earthquake, eruption, flood, storm, hurricane, or other catastrophe designated as a major disaster or emergency by the President of the United States or Governor or other duly authorized official of the state.

(8) "HSW" means health, safety, and welfare continuing education as designated by the American Institute of Architects, American Society of Landscape Architects, Interior Design Continuing Education Council registries, or NCARB.

(9) "Incidental architectural services" per 37-65-103, MCA, means:

(a) those architectural services that are incidental to a professional engineer's engineering practice, which:

(i) can be safely and competently performed by the professional engineer without jeopardizing the health, safety, and welfare of the public;

(ii) are in an area where the professional engineer has demonstrated competence by adequate education, training, and experience;

(iii) arise from, and are directly related to professional engineering work performed by the professional engineer;

(iv) are substantially less in scope and magnitude when compared to the professional engineering work performed or to be performed by the professional engineer; and

(v) comply with all of the laws of Montana relating to the practice of architecture.

(b) A professional engineer performing incidental practice as stated in this rule shall:

(i) perform only that part of the work for which the professional engineer is professionally qualified;

(ii) use architects or other appropriately licensed professionals for those portions of the work in which the professional engineer is not qualified;

(iii) assume responsibility for compliance with all laws, codes, rules, and ordinances of the state or its political subdivisions pertaining to the documents; and

(iv) not hold himself/herself out to be an architect or as performing architectural services.

(10) "LARE" means Landscape Architect Registration Exam, a proprietary exam developed and administered by CLARB.

(11) "NAAB" means National Architectural Accrediting Board.

(12) "NCARB" means the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. NCARB may be contacted at www.ncarb.org.

(13) "NCARB certificate" means evidence of meeting the NCARB requirements for character, education, training, examination, and registration by an NCARB member board.

(14) "NCARB record" means the NCARB verification and maintenance of a compilation of an applicant's education, experience, examination, and registrations.

(15) "Responsible control" means the amount of control over and detailed knowledge of the content of technical submissions during their preparation as is ordinarily exercised by registered architects and landscape architects applying the required professional "standard of care" including but not limited to an architect's integration of information from manufacturers, suppliers, installers, the architect's consultants, owners, contractors, or other sources the architect reasonably trusts that is incidental to and intended to be incorporated into the architect's technical submissions if the architect has coordinated and reviewed such information. Other review, or review and correction, of technical submissions after they have been prepared by others does not constitute the exercise of responsible control because the reviewer has neither control over nor detailed professional knowledge of the content of such submissions throughout their preparation. Any licensed architect signing or sealing technical submissions not prepared by that architect but prepared under that architect's responsible control by someone not regularly employed in the office of the architect shall maintain and make available to the board upon request for at least five years following such signing and sealing adequate and complete records demonstrating the nature and extent of the architect's control over and detailed knowledge of such technical submissions throughout their preparation.

(16) "Technical submissions" means the drawing, specifications, studies, and other technical reports prepared in the course of practicing architecture.


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