(1) A contested case involves a determination by POST that affects the rights or responsibilities of the petitioner or respondent. 

(2) Contested case proceedings may be commenced only after the requirements of ARM 23.13.704 have been met and an officer or other aggrieved person has requested a hearing.

(3) Contested case proceedings before the council are subject to MAPA, in addition to, where applicable, the Montana Rules of Civil Procedure, the Montana Uniform District Court Rules, the Montana Rules of Evidence, the Montana Rules of Professional Conduct, the Montana Code of Judicial Conduct, and these rules.

(4) In cases under ARM 23.13.704(2), the respondent's failure to respond, appear, or otherwise defend a notice of agency action of which the respondent has had notice, may result in the hearing examiner finding the officer in default and entering an order against the officer containing findings of fact, conclusions of law, and an opinion in accordance with MAPA, Montana Rules of Civil Procedure, and any other rule of law applicable.

(5) A party may be self-represented, or may, at the party's own expense, be represented by an attorney licensed to practice law in the state of Montana.

(6) In cases under ARM 23.13.704(2), contested case counsel for POST will represent the director during the proceedings.


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