(1) An issuer directly or through its producers shall:

(a) establish marketing procedures to assure that any comparison of policies by its producers will be fair and accurate;

(b) establish marketing procedures to assure excessive insurance is not sold or issued;

(c) establish marketing procedures which set forth a mechanism or formula for determining whether a replacement policy or certificate contains benefits greater than the benefits under the replaced policy;

(d) display prominently by type, stamp or other appropriate means, on the first page of the policy the following: "Notice to buyer: This policy may not cover all of your medical expenses;"

(e) inquire and otherwise make every reasonable effort to identify whether a prospective applicant or enrollee for Medicare supplement insurance already has accident and sickness insurance and the types and amounts of any such insurance;

(f) establish auditable procedures for verifying compliance with this rule; and

(g) provide to the enrollee an appropriate disclosure statement if the enrollee has accident and sickness insurance. These statements must be identical to the disclosure statements in ARM 6.6.526.

(2) In addition to the practices prohibited in Title 33, chapter 18, MCA, the following acts and practices are prohibited:

(a) knowingly making any misleading representation or incomplete or fraudulent comparison of any insurance policies or insurers for the purpose of inducing, or tending to induce, any person to lapse, forfeit, surrender, terminate, retain, pledge, assign, borrow on, or convert any insurance policy or to take out a policy of insurance with another insurer;

(b) employing any method of marketing having the effect of or tending to induce the purchase of insurance through force, fright, threat, whether explicit or implied, or undue pressure to purchase or recommend the purchase of insurance; and

(c) making use directly or indirectly of any method of marketing which fails to disclose in a conspicuous manner that a purpose of the method of marketing is solicitation of insurance and that contact will be made by an insurance producer or issuer.

(3) The terms "medicare supplement," "medigap," "medicare wrap-around," "medicare select," and words of similar import must not be used unless the policy or certificate is issued in compliance with applicable administrative rules and statutes.


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