(1) The applicant shall demonstrate that all public and multiple-user sewage systems will be adequately operated and maintained and shall submit an operation and maintenance manual acceptable to the department. If required by Department Circulars DEQ-2 or DEQ-4, the operation and maintenance manual must meet the requirements of that circular. 

(2) Public systems must be owned by an individual or entity that meets the requirements of 75-6-126, MCA.

(3) For multiple-user systems, the reviewing authority may require the applicant to create a homeowners' association, county sewer district, or other administrative entity that will be responsible for operation and maintenance and that will have authority to charge appropriate fees.

(4) Easements must be obtained if the reviewing authority determines they are needed to allow adequate operation and maintenance of the system or to comply with 76-4-104(6)(i), MCA. Easements must be filed with the county clerk and recorder at the time the certificate of subdivision approval issued under this chapter is filed. Easements must be in one of the following forms:

(a) in writing signed by the grantor of the easement; or

(b) if the same person owns both parcels, shown on the plat or certificate of survey for the proposed subdivision.

(5) If an application includes a shared or multiple-user sewage system that serves more than one lot, the applicant shall submit to the reviewing authority a draft user agreement that identifies the rights and responsibilities of each user. User agreements must be in a form acceptable to the department.


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