(1) Within the time set forth in ARM 24.5.320, the respondent shall serve upon the petitioner and all other parties, and file with the court, a response to the petition. The respondent shall ensure that the response complies with ARM 24.5.306 and includes the following information:

(a) a short, plain statement of the respondent's contentions;

(b) a statement of those facts which respondent believes to be uncontested;

(c) a statement that the respondent has freely exchanged all available pertinent medical records with the petitioner pursuant to ARM 24.5.317 and shall continue to do so;

(d) a list of the respondent's potential witnesses and a summary of the subject matter on which the respondent expects each witness to testify; and

(e) a list of written documents relating to the claim that the respondent may introduce as evidence.


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