(1) All child care facilities must have a written emergency disaster plan. The plan for each structure used for child care must be developed in such a way that the plan can be followed in the event of a natural or human-caused disaster, such as flood, fire, tornado, or responding to an intruder.

(2) Emergency disaster plans must include:

(a) an emergency supply of blankets, water, food, and supplies;

(b) plans for evacuation, including identification of at least one off-site gathering point;

(c) plans for evacuation of nonmobile children and children with special health care needs;

(d) contingencies that address:

(i) children's individual needs; and

(ii) staff responsibilities;

(e) plans for reunification of children with their parents;

(f) plans for shelter in place and lock down; and

(g) plans for continuity of operation.

(3) The facility must conduct ten emergency drills per year to include:

(a) eight fire drills; and

(b) two other disaster drills that are likely to occur in the facility.

(4) All emergency drills must be documented and include the following minimum information:

(a) who conducted the drill;

(b) date and time of drill;

(c) the number of adults and children present during the drill;

(d) the length of time to evacuate; and

(e) problems identified during the drill and corrective actions.


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