(1) The facility must keep a daily attendance record of the children for whom care is provided.

(2) The facility must have a master list of the name, address, and phone number of all children in their care and their parents.

(3) If medications are administered at the facility, the facility must maintain a medication administration log.

(4) Prior to a child being enrolled or entered into a child care facility, the following information, signed by the parent or guardian, must be on file:

(a) written information on each child explaining any special needs of the child, including allergies;

(b) a release or authorization of persons allowed to pick up the child;

(c) necessary medical forms, including all medication authorization and administration logs, signed and updated immunization records, and the names of emergency contact persons; and

(d) an emergency consent form. This form must accompany staff when children are away from the child care site for activities.

(5) A record of each emergency drill conducted pursuant to ARM 37.95.124 must be on file.

(6) The facility must maintain incident and injury reports which include the date, time of day, nature of the injury or incident, treatment or remediation, and whether the parent was notified for any injury or incident that occurs in the facility. If an injury requires the use of first aid or medical attention, the facility must provide a copy to the parent and keep a copy signed by the parent in the child's file.

(7) The information supplied in (4) and (5) must be maintained on forms provided by the department and must be signed by the parent or guardian.


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