(1) Each provider shall adopt and follow written policies for first aid consistent with recommendations from the American Red Cross. These policies must include but are not limited to:

(a) procedures for handling medical emergencies, including calling the Emergency Montana Poison Control center at 1 (800) 222-1222 when a child is suspected of having ingested any poisonous or toxic substance; and

(b) directions for calling parents or someone else designated as responsible for the child when a child is sick or injured.

(2) A first aid kit must be kept on site at all times and must contain:

(a) sterile, absorbent bandages;

(b) a cold pack;

(c) tape and a variety of band-aids;

(d) tweezers and scissors;

(e) disposable single use gloves.

(3) The director or designee, owner, or manager must take appropriate precautions to minimize the risk of any child suffering sunburn and to minimize the risk of any child contracting West Nile virus.

(4) Each facility is responsible for notifying the department of any environmental danger or other hazard on the facility property that the provider is aware of that could affect the health, welfare, or safety of children in care.

(5) A portable first aid kit containing at least the items listed in (2) must accompany staff and children on trips away from the facility.

(6) The facility must submit a report to the Child Care Licensing Program (CCLP) within 24 hours after the following events, involving the child care facility, occur on or away from the premises:

(a) lost or missing child or an incident involving a child being left alone;

(b) suspected maltreatment of a child;

(c) suspected sexual, physical, or emotional abuse by staff, other children, family members, or other adults;

(d) injuries to children requiring medical or dental care;

(e) illness or injuries requiring hospitalization or emergency treatment;

(f) mental health emergencies;

(g) health and safety emergencies involving parents, guardians, and visitors to the program;

(h) death of a child or staff member, including a death that was the result of a serious illness or injury that occurred on the premises of the child care facility, even if the death occurred outside of the child care facility;

(i) the presence of a threatening individual who attempts or succeeds in gaining entrance to the child care facility; or

(j) fire involving the fire department.

(7) A copy of the report shall be provided to the parents of the children involved, and a copy retained on file at the child care facility.


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