(1) The child-to-staff ratio and maximum group size for a child care center are:

(a) 4:1 for children newborn through 23 months with a maximum group size of 12;

(b) 8:1 for children two years through three years with a maximum group size of 16;

(c) 10:1 for children four years with a maximum group size of 24; and

(d) 14:1 for five years and over with a maximum group size of 32.

(2) When children of different ages are mixed, the ratio and group size for the youngest child in the group must be maintained.

(3) Only the director, early childhood lead teachers, assistant teachers, trainees, and substitute teachers may be counted as staff when determining the staff ratio.

(4) Group sizes must be maintained except for mealtimes, outdoor play, rest periods, or during large group activities, such as educational assemblies.


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