(1) In an emergency, all occupants of the child care facility must be able to escape from the building in a safe and timely manner.

(2) A fire extinguisher must be easily accessible on each floor level, have a minimum level of extinguisher classification of 2A10BC, and be mounted near outside exit doors.

(3) All child care facilities must have operating UL smoke alarms on each floor of the facility, installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Smoke alarms must be installed in front of the doors to stairways, in corridors of all floors, and in all rooms where children sleep.

(4) Smoke alarms must be tested at least once a month to ensure that they are operating correctly and must be replaced every 10 years.

(5) All wood burning stoves must meet building codes. If used during the hours of care, the stove must have a protective enclosure.

(6) No portable electric or unvented fuel-fired heating devices are allowed. All radiators, if too hot to touch, must have a protective enclosure.

(7) The facility must post an evacuation plan and maintain the fire safety record as defined in ARM 37.95.124.


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