(1) A claim for benefits becomes inactive if, for any two consecutive weeks within the benefit year, any of the following occur in any combination:

(a) claimant does not file a weekly payment request; or

(b) claimant files a weekly payment request, but:

(i) indicates that the claimant does not wish to claim benefits;

(ii) reports hours of work equal to or greater than 40;

(iii) reports hours of work equal to or greater than the claimant's established hours typically worked; or

(iv) reports earnings equal to or greater than twice the claimant's weekly benefit amount.

(2) To reactivate an inactive claim, the claimant must:

(a) call the claims processing center during the center's published business hours and request that the claim be reactivated; or

(b) access the department's Internet claim system.

(3) A reactivated claim is effective on the Sunday of the calendar week in which the claimant reactivates the claim. A claimant may request that the department backdate the claim to an earlier effective date. The department may backdate a claim when the department determines that the claimant had good cause for the delay in reactivating the claim.

(4) When reactivating a claim, a claimant must provide information concerning any separation from insured work as provided in ARM 24.11.451.


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