(1) Organization of the Office of the Workers' Compensation Judge (Workers' Compensation Court). The 44th Legislature enacted HB 100, which established the Workers' Compensation Court, on July 1, 1975. To carry out the legislative intent, the Workers' Compensation Court is organized and functions along the lines of the district court.

(2) Functions of Workers' Compensation Court. The Workers' Compensation Court has exclusive jurisdiction over the adjudication of disputes arising under Title 39, chapter 71 and chapter 72, MCA.

(3) Information or Submissions. Persons may direct general inquiries regarding the Workers' Compensation Court to the judge or the clerk of court. Persons may direct inquiries or submissions regarding specific cases to the clerk of court, and shall include with any such inquiry or submission the number the court has assigned to the file, if any.

(4) Personnel Roster. Persons may contact the workers' compensation judge and clerk of court anytime by e-mail at dliwccfilings@mt.gov, or Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding state holidays, as follows:

(a) in person at 1625 11th Avenue, Helena, Montana;

(b) by mail at P.O. Box 537, Helena, Montana 59624-0537;

(c) by phone at (406) 444-7794;

(d) by TTY at (406) 444-0532;

(e) by Montana Relay at 711;

(f) or by fax at (406) 444-7798.

(5) Chart of Workers' Compensation Court Organization. A descriptive chart of the Workers' Compensation Court is attached as follows and is incorporated in this rule.










          February 1, 2018                                                         /s/ DAVID M. SANDLER

                   DATE                                                                               JUDGE







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