(1) Treatment of a patient who is physically located in Montana by a licensee using telemedicine occurs where the patient is physically located.

(2) The licensee using telemedicine in the treatment and care of patients in Montana shall adhere to the same standards of care required for in-person medical care settings.

(3) A physician-patient relationship may be established for purposes of telemedicine:

(a) by an in-person medical interview and physical examination when the standard of care requires an in-person encounter;

(b) by consultation with another licensee or health care provider who has a documented relationship with the patient and who agrees to participate in, or supervise, the patient's care; or

(c) through telemedicine if the standard of care does not require an in-person encounter.

(4) The licensee using telemedicine in patient care may prescribe Schedule II drugs to a patient only after first establishing a physician-patient relationship through an in-person encounter which includes a medical interview and physician examination.

(5) The licensee using telemedicine in patient care shall:

(a) make available to the patient verification of the licensee's identity and credentials;

(b) verify the identity of the patient;

(c) establish a physician-patient relationship prior to initiating care;

(d) obtain a medical history sufficient for diagnosis and treatment in keeping with the applicable standard of care prior to providing treatment, issuing prescriptions, or delegating the patient's medical services to other health care providers;

(e) delegate the patient's medical care only to health care providers:

(i) who are known by the licensee to be qualified and competent to perform the delegated services;

(ii) with whom the patient has an established provider-patient relationship; or

(iii) who have physical or electronic access to the licensee for consultation and follow-up while the patient is under the licensee's or the delegee's care;

(f) securely maintain and make timely available:

(i) to the patient or the patient's representative all relevant medical and billing records received or produced in connection with the patient's care; and

(ii) to other health care providers all medical records received or produced in connection with the patient's care.


History: 37-3-203, 37-3-301, MCA; IMP, 37-3-301, MCA; NEW, 2018 MAR p. 2048, Eff. 10/20/18.