24.156.615    RENEWALS

(1) All licensees will renew for a period of two years.

(2) A physician actively engaged in the practice of medicine with an active license shall pay a license renewal fee. If the physician does not pay the license renewal fee and return the required renewal before the date set by ARM 24.101.413, the physician must pay the late penalty fee specified in ARM 24.101.403 in order to renew the physician's license.

(3) A physician with an active license who is not actively engaged in the clinical practice of medicine in this state, or who is absent from this state for a period of one or more years, may renew as an inactive licensee and pay the inactive fee listed in ARM 24.156.601.

(a) A physician seeking to renew an inactive Montana license as an active license (reactivate), and who has ceased the clinical practice of medicine in all jurisdictions for the two or more years during which the license has been inactive preceding the request for reactivation, must seek reactivation pursuant to ARM 24.156.618.

(4) The provisions of ARM 24.101.408 apply.


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