(1) The board shall appoint a continuing education review committee which shall assist the board in approving courses, papers, workshops, and other activities designed to meet the continuing education requirements of licensed acupuncturists.

(2) The continuing education review committee shall approve continuing acupuncture education courses, papers, workshops, and other activities that meet the following standards:

(a) They shall have significant intellectual or practical content, and the primary objective shall be to increase the participant's professional competence as an acupuncturist.

(b) They shall constitute an organized program of learning dealing with matters directly related to the practice of acupuncture, professional responsibility, or ethical obligations of acupuncturists.

(c) Providers of continuing acupuncture education and authors of published papers shall apply to the board for course or publication approval by submitting an application on a form prescribed by the department. The application must be complete and accompanied by the appropriate documents.

(d) Applicants shall demonstrate that the offered course complies with the standards.

(e) The board, in its discretion, may determine the number of hours acceptable for any continuing education credit.

(f) Courses accredited by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine shall be preapproved by the board.

(g) Courses sponsored by a state acupuncture association or an acupuncture school shall be preapproved by the board.

(h) Teaching acupuncture in an accredited academic or continuing education program shall be accepted as continuing education.

(3) Licensees may claim five hours of self-study toward meeting the requirements of ARM 24.156.1408.


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