(1) Speech-language pathology aides/assistants are not allowed to provide telepractice services per 37-15-314, MCA.

(2) Speech-language pathology aides/assistants I are not allowed to:

(a) refer clients to outside professionals; or

(b) perform diagnostic evaluations under supervision unless the aide/assistant has:

(i) completed 100 graduate-level clinical clock hours, of which at least 25 hours were diagnostic; or

(ii) completed ten semester hours of graduate credits in the professional area.

(3) Speech-language pathology aides/assistants II are not allowed to:

(a) conduct speech-language evaluations;

(b) interpret data or clinical experience into diagnostic statements of clinical management policies;

(c) transmit clinical information, except to the aide/assistant supervisor;

(d) determine the selection of cases;

(e) write or plan individual or group therapy/rehabilitation plans;

(f) attend child study or individualized education plan (IEP) meetings without the permission of the aide/assistant supervisor; or

(g) refer clients to outside professionals.


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