(1) All directors, early childhood teachers, and assistant teachers, at any child care facility must successfully complete annual training required to be current on the ECP Practitioner Registry.

(2) The training must be approved through MTECP in one of three ways:

(a) sponsors verified through the Montana professional development system;

(b) institutions of higher education that are regionally accredited; or

(c) successful completion of college-level course work in early childhood, education, or child development.

(3) Education and training must relate to the Montana Early Care and Education Knowledge Base and must fall within the following categories:

(a) personal attributes/characteristics;

(b) health, safety, and nutrition which may include training on prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and medication administration;

(c) child growth and development;

(d) environmental design;

(e) child guidance;

(f) family and community partnerships;

(g) program management;

(h) curriculum;

(i) observation and assessment;

(j) professionalism; or

(k) cultural and developmental diversity.

(4) A substitute who provides care to children in a child care facility for less than 500 hours a year is not required to complete annual training or be current on the ECP Practitioner Registry.

(5) ECTs at facilities that provide care exclusively to school-age children must complete at least eight hours of continuing education annually and are not required to be on the ECP Practitioner Registry.

(6) All directors, substitutes, ECTs, ECLTs, and ECATs must complete a health and safety review course at least every three years. The health and safety review course will count towards the annual training required in (1).


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