(1) Each video keno game title must meet the following specifications for approval for use within the state of Montana. To be approved, the game must:

(a) display a fixed playing field of numbers from 1 - 80;

(b) only accept bets on a minimum of two spots and a maximum of ten spots per game;

(c) using a random number generator, draw and display the balls picked;

(d) conform to standard rules of keno except:

(i) game marked spots can be used to trigger free games, games with altered play, bonus games, award multipliers, or credits/cash value;

(ii) the position, characteristics, or order of a drawn ball can affect the paytable; and

(e) display the total number of player spots picked at the end of each game, display the number of balls drawn that matched the players' picks (this may be shown as three out of eight, eight out of ten, etc.) and display any credits/cash value awarded for these combinations. 


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