(1) Each video bingo game title must meet the following specifications for approval within the state of Montana. To be approved, the game must:

(a) utilize a field of numbers from one to 75;

(b) provide a card or cards that contain 24 numbered spaces per card and one free spot. No cards may be identical;

(c) generate cards by utilizing a random number generator;

(d) conform to standard rules of bingo except:

(i) the position of a drawn ball can be a material component of the game; and

(ii) each game need not produce a bingo.

(e) using a random number generator, draw and display the number of balls picked and the credits/cash value awarded for the number of balls drawn to obtain a bingo;

(f) allow the player the choice of cards on which to play. All winning cards must be available for display on the screen, including any that may be played by the VGM in any game; and

(g) designate the winning arrangement of numbers prior to commencing play.

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