(1) Gambling operators must immediately pay all valid ticket vouchers in full and in cash upon presentation of the ticket for payment.

(2) A ticket voucher that is printed more than 48 hours before it has been presented for payment may, at the discretion of the gambling operator, be deemed invalid and not payable, only if the operator has given notice to players of the 48-hour voucher expiration by:

(a) posting a notice in plain view of the gambling public at the time of play that is not less than 24 inches by 36 inches that reads "Promptly Redeem Your Win Tickets -- Tickets Void After 48 hours"; and

(b) issuing ticket vouchers displaying their expiration by:

(i) for VGMs and programs approved prior to adoption of this rule, the face of the ticket voucher paper has been preprinted with the expiration notice required by ARM 23.16.1901; or

(ii) for VGMs and programs approved after adoption of this rule, the expiration notice is printed on the face of the ticket voucher as required by ARM 23.16.1901.

(3) A gambling operator who has a good faith reason to believe a ticket voucher resulted from a VGM malfunction may refuse payment of the ticket voucher and must proceed as required by ARM 23.16.1904.


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