(1) Acceptable continuing education includes courses in which:

(a) the subject matter contributes directly to the quality of the patient care rendered by the licensee. This includes the following subjects as they relate to the practice of denturitry:

(i) head and oral anatomy and physiology;

(ii) oral pathology;

(iii) partial denture design and construction;

(iv) microbiology;

(v) radiology;

(vi) clinical dental technology;

(vii) dental laboratory technology;

(viii) asepsis;

(ix) clinical jurisprudence;

(x) medical emergencies; and

(xi) practice management.

(b) The information presented enables the licensee to enhance the dental health of the public as it relates to denturitry.

(c) The licensee is able to apply the knowledge gained within his/her practice of denturitry.

(d) Instructors should be qualified with respect to program content and teaching methods used.

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