(1) An EDC shall employ or contract with a medical director who must: 

(a) coordinate with and advise EDC staff on medical services provided;

(b) participate in the development and approval of the program's policy and procedure manual;

(c) act as a liaison for the EDC with community physicians, hospital staff, and other professionals and agencies regarding psychiatric services; and

(d) ensure the quality of treatment and related services through participation in the EDC's quality assurance process.

(2) The EDC must:

(a) employ a clinical director;

(b) employ a registered nurse licensed under Title 37, MCA;

(c) employ or contract with a psychiatrist or advanced practice registered nurse licensed under Title 37, MCA;

(d) employ the number of qualified mental health professionals and support staff necessary to adequately evaluate clients and to sufficiently participate in each individual plan of care; and

(e) employ or contract with a registered dietitian to provide for the client's nutritional needs, including assessing, educating, and counseling individuals, parents and/or legal guardians, and staff on food and nutritional related issues.

(3) The EDC must develop minimum qualifications for the hiring of all employed or contracted staff.

(4) All staff must receive orientation and training in areas relevant to the employee's duties and responsibilities, including:

(a) an overview of the EDC's policy and procedure manual in areas relevant to the staff's job responsibilities;

(b) a review of the staff's job description; and

(c) services provided by the EDC.

(5) Documentation of orientation and ongoing training must be placed in the staff's personnel record.

(6) The EDC must conduct criminal background checks on all staff in accordance with EDC policy.


History: 50-5-247, MCA; IMP, 50-5-247, MCA; NEW, 2018 MAR p. 2214, Eff. 11/3/18.