42.18.128    DEFINITIONS

The following definitions apply to terms used in this subchapter:

(1) "Ancillary" means buildings of secondary importance in comparison to the primary residence including, but not limited to, garage and storage sheds.

(2) "CALP" means a computer assisted land pricing system and refers to the property valuation system program which provides the user with the ability to input the various land pricing parameters for use in the valuation of residential and commercial property.

(3) "CAMA" means the Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal system the department uses to administer and value real and personal property.

(4) "Immediate family member" means a spouse and any member of the household, or any parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, or corresponding in-law.

(5) "Owner's agent" means:

(a) an immediate family member of the property owner;

(b) an employee of the property owner;

(c) the property owner's attorney;

(d) the property owner's legal representative or guardian;

(e) the property owner's partner;

(f) trustee, if the owner of record is a trust;

(g) officer or member, if the owner of record is a corporation;

(h) officer or member, if the owner of record is an association.


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