(1) The board may issue a professional engineer license by comity to any person who submits verification of licensure from any state, territory, or possession of the United States, or any foreign country, and meets the application requirements of this rule. All applicants shall submit to the department the appropriate fee and a completed engineer laws and rules questionnaire.

(2) Applicants with a NCEES record may arrange for NCEES to deliver their current record, updated within two years of the application date, directly to the board office. An applicant with a NCEES record also shall submit a department-approved application form and board-approved experience forms.

(3) Applicants without a NCEES record shall submit to the department the department-approved application form and the following:

(a) educational transcripts;

(b) five completed reference forms which meet the requirements of ARM 24.183.503;

(c) verification of licensure from all states in which the applicant has ever been licensed;

(d) verification of having passed the Fundamentals of Engineering examination; and

(e) verification of having passed the Principles and Practices of Engineering examination.

(4) Professional experience claimed by an applicant to meet the provisions of 37-67-312, MCA, regarding a prelicensure deficiency of experience does not have to occur under the supervision of a professional engineer.


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