(1) A medical director may submit a petition for revisions to the Montana ECP Practice Guidelines.

(2) The petition must be submitted on a board-approved form with the following supporting documentation:

(a) a written recommendation and/or position statement for the revision; and

(b) literature supporting the recommendations and/or position.

(3) Upon receiving the petition, the board shall proceed as follows:

(a) the board's medical direction committee (committee) shall review an initial petition to determine whether to place the petition as an action item on the agenda for the next regularly scheduled board meeting;

(b) the committee may accept public comment regarding the petition;

(c) the committee shall present the board with a written recommendation; and

(d) the board shall consider the committee's recommendation and take action on the petition no sooner than the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

(4) The board shall approve the proposed revision when:

(a) it is demonstrated to the satisfaction of the board that granting the petitioner's request is necessary to provide appropriate standards of medical care;

(b) the board finds that the public's interest in granting the revision clearly outweighs the interest of maintaining uniform Montana ECP Practice Guidelines; and

(c) the board concludes the revisions will protect public health, safety, and welfare.


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