(1) Immediately upon quarantine of a herd for brucellosis the state veterinarian shall conduct an epidemiological investigation of the infected herd and premises involved to determine the specific methods and actions necessary to eradicate the disease from the herd and to determine contact herds and animals.

(2) Upon request of the owner of the infected herd, the investigation provided for in (1) may be conducted with the assistance and participation of a deputy state veterinarian selected and paid for by the owner.

(3) An official epidemiological report must be prepared that specifies the methods necessary to eradicate the disease and includes a time table for the accomplishment of the various tasks.

(4) A person who is aggrieved by determination made pursuant to this section may appeal in writing to the state veterinarian within five days after notice of such determination. The state veterinarian may affirm, reverse or modify such determination after he has reviewed the epidemiological report and the issues involved.


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