(1) After notice to the licensee, the department may suspend a license and start an administrative hearing under MAPA for permanent revocation.

(2) The department may suspend or terminate the hemp license for any violation of county, state, or federal law. This will be done in a manner consistent with Section 297 of The Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 as amended (2018).

(3) The department may reinstate the license if good cause is shown and a reinstatement fee is paid. The reinstatement fee is $450 for the Montana State Hemp Program license. 


History: 80-18-107, MCA; IMP, 80-18-101, 80-18-103, 80-18-106, 80-18-107, MCA; NEW, 2017 MAR p. 283, Eff. 3/11/17; AMD, 2019 MAR p. 532, Eff. 5/11/19.