(1) The insurance policy must provide coverage for each and every pesticide the applicator may choose to apply.

(2) The financial responsibility requirement imposed by ARM 4.10.101 must be maintained in full force and effect during each entire licensing period. In the event of a lapse, suspension, or termination in the means assuring financial responsibility, the applicator's license(s) will automatically terminate, coinciding with the lapse, suspension, or termination of financial responsibility, and the licensee and any employees must immediately cease all applications of pesticides. In the event a previously licensed applicator whose license(s) was terminated by the provisions of this rule desires to have their license reissued for the balance of the calendar year, they must notify the department and demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the department, that they once again meet the financial responsibility requirements of ARM 4.10.101. Upon approval by the department, the applicator's license(s) may be reissued unless some other legal or regulatory cause exists for non-issuance. 


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