(1) To supervise a trainee, a hearing aid dispenser shall meet the following criteria:

(a) be currently licensed and have been actively engaged in the business of selling, dispensing, and the fitting of hearing aids in Montana for at least one year; and

(b) have had no final order of disciplinary action entered against the hearing aid dispenser's license or a related professional or occupational license such as audiologist, in this or any state, in the two years preceding the request to supervise a trainee.

(2) Both the trainee and the supervisor shall immediately notify the board in writing, and provide the reason for any break in, or termination of, the training program.

(3) A trainee who loses supervision for any reason shall immediately cease practice and shall not continue in a trainee status with a new supervisor until the trainee receives written approval from the board.

(4) Credit toward the 1000 hour training period will be given only during the period of time during which a trainee is on record as having a supervisor. All breaks in the training period will toll the running of the 1000 hour training period.

(5) A daily log, on a form provided by the department, must be kept by the trainee, showing the date, description of job tasks, and duties. Both the trainee and the supervisor must sign the log. The log must be submitted to the board office every 90 days and again, upon conclusion of the 1000 training hours. The log must be approved by the board or its designee prior to the trainee being allowed to take the practical examination.

(6) All written materials distributed by the trainee shall include the trainee's and the supervisor's respective names, license numbers, titles ("trainee" and "supervisor"), and business phone numbers. 


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