(1) A pharmacy technician may not perform tasks which require the exercise of the pharmacist's independent professional judgment, including but not limited to, patient counseling, drug product selection, drug interaction review or drug regimen review.

(2) A pharmacy technician must work under the provisions of a technician utilization plan and the plan must be made available for inspection by the board.

(3) When a pharmacist is not in the prescription department, there shall be no dispensing of new prescriptions that the pharmacist has checked and that are waiting to be picked up, nor shall counseling be provided by the pharmacy technician.

(4) No medication may be released to a patient without review by a registered pharmacist for the accuracy and appropriateness of the prescription drug order.

(5) All technicians and auxiliary staff shall be made visually identifiable by name and job title utilizing letters of 16 point or larger on a name badge.

(6) All pharmacy technician licenses must be conspicuously displayed at all times in the place of business.


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