(1) An individual who uses collars must be a licensed or permitted applicator as required in ARM 4.10.201 or 4.10.401. All individuals must pass a written examination as required in ARM 4.10.203(3)(a) and (4)(a) and attend a training course sponsored by the department. The training course includes, but is not limited to:

(a) The safe use, handling, and attachment of collars;

(b) Disposal of punctured or leaking collars, contaminated animal remains, contaminated vegetation and soil, and contaminated clothing;

(c) Practical treatment of 1080 poisoning in humans and domestic animals;

(d) Record keeping requirements;

(e) Montana pesticide laws and rules; and

(f) Collar labeling.

(2) Applicators maintaining their license for four consecutive licensing periods are required to follow ARM 4.10.203(5)(a) and (b), (6), and (7).

(3) Applicators using the Livestock protection collar must have the "Technical Bulletin for the Livestock Protection Collar" in their possession and must use collars in accordance with the Livestock Protection Label.


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