37.114.546    TOXIC METALS

(1) The health officer must gather information about the circumstances and nature of the exposure using forms developed by the department.

(2) The local health officer must ensure that the following actions are performed when a biological sample derived from the human body is reported that exceeds reportable toxic metal levels indicated in ARM 37.114.203(1)(e), (i), (ai), and (ar). The health officer or health-care provider must provide:

(a) counseling about the health consequences of their toxic metals exposure;

(b) information about ways to reduce or eliminate their exposure(s) to toxic metals; and

(c) referral of the case and household members potentially at risk of exposure to a health-care provider for additional follow-up and testing as appropriate.

(3) The department will provide consultation, assist with investigations, and coordinate responses in occupational and community settings at the request of the health officer. 


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