(1) A distillery licensed by the department and located in Montana may procure bulk distilled spirits from another distilled spirits plant by requesting such products through the department on a form supplied by the department. The distillery may only use the acquired distilled spirits:

(a) to distill, rectify, blend, or manufacture its own distilled spirits; or

(b) for contract packaging purposes.

(2) A distillery may only obtain distilled spirits from sources authorized by the federal government, such as an entity that holds a basic permit or industrial permit.

(3) The department will process the request and notify the distilled spirits plant, specified by the distillery, of the quantities, proof, types, and sizes of distilled spirits to be delivered to the distillery.

(4) The distillery must keep all distilled spirits acquired from another distilled spirits plant at the distillery and must receive preapproval from the department to destroy or otherwise dispose of any distilled spirits the distillery acquired from another distilled spirits plant.

(5) A distillery must document and maintain records at its place of business for all distilled spirits acquired from another distilled spirits plant and document how it was used. The department may make an examination of any such records at any time.


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