23.16.1702    SPORTS POOL CARD

(1) A traditional, series, or multiple way sports pool must be conducted on a sports pool card containing a master square.

(a) The master square of the card must be divided into spaces arranged in horizontal rows and vertical columns.

(b) The numbers for each horizontal row and vertical column must be randomly assigned after the person conducting the pool closes the pool to additional sale of spaces but prior to the beginning of the sports event or the first event in a series of sport events.

(c) Any unsold spaces when the numbers are assigned are considered purchased by the sponsor and must be marked in a manner indicating that they may not be sold to another person.

(d) Each space must be represented by a number from both the horizontal row and vertical column.

(e) Each competitor in the sports event must be assigned to either the horizontal or vertical axis of the master square before the beginning of each sports event, except when the sponsor publicly declares by rules in advance of any sales to award equal prizes based upon both winning number combinations (e.g., when the score is 37–29, the winners are those holding spaces corresponding to vertical 7 and horizontal 9, and vertical 9 and horizontal 7).

(2) A sports pool card used to conduct an authorized sports pool must be of adequate size to be easily read by participants and observers.

(3) A participant who wishes to purchase a chance on more than one traditional, series, or multiple way sports pool must select a space or spaces on each of the boards. After the sale of all chances, the master square of any such board may not be duplicated or altered in any manner so as to create additional sports pool boards.

(4) The sports pool card shall, in advance of any sale of any chance, clearly indicate:

(a) name of the sports event or series of events covered by the card;

(b) name of the competitors (or home vs. away/visitor) in the sports event or series of events;

(c) date of the sports event or dates of the series of sports events;

(d) total number of chances available in the pool;

(e) cost to the participant for each chance;

(f) total amount to be paid to each winner;

(g) predetermined intervals, as provided in ARM 23.16.1705(3), for which a prize will be awarded, if any;

(h) the sponsor's name; and

(i) in the case of a sports pool conducted by a sponsor to support a nonprofit organization, the name of the nonprofit organization, the percentage of the pool proceeds to be donated, and the percentage of the pool proceeds to be awarded to the winner.

(5) The name or initials of each participant who purchases a chance in the sports pool must be clearly displayed on the board as each chance is sold.

(6) After each prize is awarded, the names of the winners of each prize must be prominently displayed on each card.

(7) If the sports event is cancelled, the person conducting the sports pool must refund the full amount of the purchase price to each participant.

(8) If the sports event is rescheduled, the sponsor may:

(a) cancel the board and refund all monies to the participants; or

(b) change the sports pool board only so as to reflect the new date of the sports event.

(9) A sports pool card must be retained by the sponsor for at least 90 days from the date of the sports event, or last event in a series of sports events, upon which the sports pool was based, whichever occurs first.


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