(1) The department or its duly authorized representative has the right at any time to make an examination of any premises licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages and to check the books, records, and stock-in-trade, and to make an inventory of the latter. The department or its authorized representative may immediately seize and remove any alcoholic beverage kept in violation of law.

(2) Any authorized representative designated in (3) shall have immediate access to all parts of the licensed premises. Except as provided in 16-6-103, MCA, doors of licensed premises shall not be locked while persons other than the licensee or the licensee's employees are within or upon the licensed premises.

(3) The department designates as its authorized representative, for the purpose of carrying out 16-6-103, MCA, any member of a county sheriff's department or the police force of a city or town, provided the police force is organized pursuant to Title 7, chapter 32, part 41, MCA (metropolitan police law).


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