(1) Midwives must obtain 14 continuing education credits each renewal period except as provided in (7). One hour of education (excluding breaks) equals one continuing education credit.

(2) No more than three continuing education credits per renewal period will be approved for preparation of and for a single presentation of a program meeting the requirements of this rule.

(3) Continuing education programs will not be preapproved by the board or staff.

(4) In order to be approved, a continuing education program must:

(a) have significant intellectual or practical content;

(b) relate to substantive midwifery topics within the scope of practice for direct-entry midwives in Montana, except as otherwise provided herein;

(c) be presented by person(s) qualified by practical experience and academic credentials; and

(d) issue certificates of completion (except nonlive programs) and program agendas/syllabi containing the following information:

(i) title and date(s) of program;

(ii) name(s) and qualification of presenter(s);

(iii) outline of program content;

(iv) credit hours of instruction;

(v) description of presentation delivery (i.e., live or nonlive); and

(vi) identification of sponsoring organization.

(5) Continuing education programs from other professions or academic disciplines are eligible for approval if substantially related to the role of midwives.

(6) Documentary evidence of completion of nonlive programs (e.g., internet, videotape, audiotape, DVD) may be in the form of proof that the midwife passed an exam on the program content, a certificate of completion, or the midwife's notes summarizing the program content. Documentary evidence of program completion must be maintained by the midwife for a period of two years for audit purposes.

(7) No continuing education credits are required for a midwife renewing his/her Montana license for the first time.

(8) Continuing education credit will not be approved for programs:

(a) relating to general business or economic issues other than workers' compensation; or

(b) primarily intended to educate the general public such as CPR and first aid other than programs relating to public health issues.


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