(1) Prior to the expiration of registration, a home inspection business may renew its registration by applying to the department and paying the fee provided by ARM 24.33.406. A home inspection business may not conduct operations unless it has a current registration. There is no "grace period" allowed for operating with an expired registration.

(2) A renewal applicant shall provide the department with the following information:

(a) an updated roster of all home inspection workers performing work on behalf of the renewal applicant;

(b) proof of the required 40 hours of continuing education credit for each home inspection worker listed on the roster;

(c) proof that the renewal applicant is a member of a national home inspector association;

(d) proof that the renewal applicant has insurance coverage as required by ARM 24.33.411; and

(e) proof that the renewal applicant is complying with the workers' compensation laws, as required by ARM 24.33.411.

(3) Renewal application contents are public record, except for personally identifiable information protected from public disclosure.


History: 39-9-103, 39-9-212, MCA; IMP, 39-9-212, MCA; NEW, 2019 MAR p. 2121, Eff. 11/23/19.