(1) The following schedule of penalties (civil fines) applies to the home inspector program:

(a) failure to register:

(i) first offense $ 250

(ii) second offense 500

(iii) third offense and subsequent offenses 1,000

(b) use of a false name or a false identity:

(i) first offense 1,000

(ii) second offense 2,500

(iii) third offense and subsequent offenses 5,000

(2) In the event of an inadvertent failure to register, or a de minimus violation to timely update information, the department may, in its sole discretion, reduce or waive a penalty.

(3) The imposition of a civil fine does not preclude the department from taking any other enforcement action against the party. The department expressly reserves its right to seek injunctive relief for violations of Title 39, chapter 9, MCA.


History: 39-9-103, 39-9-212, MCA; IMP, 39-9-206, 39-9-212, 39-9-301, 39-9-401, MCA; NEW, 2019 MAR p. 2121, Eff. 11/23/19.