(1) The department shall determine the suitability of the premises when a continuing care retirement community applies to obtain a limited all-beverage license provided in 16-4-315, MCA, changes the location where the license will be operated, or makes alterations to the department-approved premises. The privileges granted under a license extend only to the premises depicted in the floor plan approved by the department except on-premises consumption may extend across the continuing care retirement community's campus, as provided in 16-4-315, MCA.

(2) The continuing care retirement community premises may be considered suitable only if:

(a) the applicant or licensee has possessory interest in the premises;

(b) the applicant or licensee has adequate control over the premises;

(c) no other license authorized under Title 16, MCA, will be operated concurrently at the premises;

(d) the premises are identified by a unique address;

(e) the premises are located within one building or a specific portion of one building. The interior of the premises must be a continuous area that is not broken by any area in which the applicant or licensee does not have adequate control, such as another business or a common area shared with other building tenants;

(f) building, health, and fire code approvals are obtained;

(g) the premises are located on regular police beats and can be properly policed by local authorities, which includes the premises being located on property to which law enforcement has unrestricted access;

(h) the premises are not located where a local government ordinance prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages;

(i) the premises complies with the licensing restrictions provided in 16-3-306, MCA;

(j) there are no signs, posters, or advertisements displayed on the exterior of the premises that identify any brewer, beer importer, or wholesaler in any manner. This prohibition extends to buildings adjacent to the premises only if the retailer has possessory interest in the adjacent building. This prohibition does not apply to temporary advertisements allowed under 16-3-244, MCA;

(k) the floor plan accurately states the dimensions of the premises, includes the applicant or licensee's name; alcoholic beverage license number, if applicable; physical address and date of application; and identifies the central dining area, any stationary drink preparation area, and any storage areas. A plat of the continuing care retirement community campus must also be provided to the department that shows the campus boundaries and any other structures located on the campus;

(l) the interior of the premises includes at least one stationary drink preparation area. The central dining area may have more than one drink preparation area, including moveable drink preparation areas, subject to department approval;

(m) all storage areas are located in the interior of the premises;

(n) alcoholic beverages will not be sold through a drive-up window;

(o) the physical layout and equipment utilized provide sufficient physical safeguards to prevent the self-service of alcoholic beverages at any drink preparation area; and

(p) self-service devices and vending machines are not used to serve alcoholic beverages.

(3) The premises must meet and maintain compliance with all suitability standards in place at the time the premises was last approved by the department. The department may, at any time, verify that the premises remain in compliance with those suitability standards. Upon determining that the premises does not meet all applicable suitability standards, the department may deny an application or take administrative action against the licensee, including license revocation.

(4) The licensee shall follow the process in ARM 42.13.106 for a premises alteration. Alterations to residential areas or other areas where alcoholic beverages are not sold or served from do not require submittal or approval from the department.

(5) In addition to all other alcoholic beverage licensing requirements, a limited all-beverages continuing care retirement community licensee shall:

(a) only purchase and possess on the premises liquor and fortified wine from an agency liquor store, beer from a beer wholesaler or brewery, and table wine from a table wine distributor or winery, except for alcoholic beverages obtained elsewhere by residents of the continuing care retirement community for consumption in residential areas;

(b) sell or serve alcoholic beverages only from an approved drink preparation area;

(c) prevent the sale or service of alcoholic beverages between 8 p.m. and 11 a.m.;

(d) prevent the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages outside of residential areas between 2 a.m. and 11 a.m. by removing all alcoholic beverages from individuals' possession by 2 a.m.;

(e) prevent the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages on the premises by persons who are under 21 years of age, or actually, apparently, or obviously intoxicated, in accordance with 16-3-301, MCA; and

(f) prevent the on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages not sold or provided at the premises except for alcoholic beverages obtained elsewhere by residents of the continuing care retirement community for consumption in residential areas.


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