24.156.2753    CIHC ENDORSEMENT

(1) An applicant for CIHC endorsement shall submit an application, the appropriate fees, and:

(a) verification of completion of a board-approved curriculum in community-integrated health care provided by an accredited institution of higher learning, which must include 48 hours of clinical experience; and

(b) attestation of a minimum of one year of experience at the applicant's current level of licensure.

(2) An ECP acting under a current CIHC endorsement shall:

(a) act within their scope of practice according to the Montana ECP Practice Guidelines;

(b) follow the patient care plan developed by the physician, PA, or APRN directing the CIHC to their patient, which may not be unilaterally altered by the ECP's medical director; and

(c) consult their medical director regarding scope of practice.


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