(1) All licensed ECPs are required to complete continuing education (CE) and refresher requirements prior to their license expiration date.

(a) EMRs must complete an EMR level refresher.

(b) EMTs must complete 48 hours of CE and an EMT refresher.

(c) AEMTs must complete 36 hours of CE and an AEMT refresher.

(d) Paramedics must complete 24 hours of CE and a paramedic refresher.

(2) CE consists of topics contained within the current curriculum of the ECP licensure level.

(3) ECPs must complete a refresher in which a lead instructor or medical director validates knowledge and skills.

(a) An ECP may not meet refresher program requirements by combining CE courses;

(b) The refresher must assess the licensee's competency, demonstrated during the course, to function at the ECP license level in accordance with the scope of education and practice; and

(c) The refresher may be a course of instruction or a combination of quality improvement and quality assurance activities coordinated by an active local medical director, and the content must be structured to assess competency of the core knowledge and skills for the level of the ECP's license.

(4) ECPs certified by the NREMT may report completed CE and refresher credits to the NREMT for registration purposes and also to the board to meet, in whole or in part, the requirements of (1), (2), and (3).

(5) The lead instructor is responsible for the quality, consistency, and management of the refresher training at the EMR and EMT levels and shall maintain records of all courses conducted including an agenda and detailed student performances that document the licensee's ability demonstrated during the refresher.

(6) The medical director is responsible for the quality, consistency, and management of the refresher training at the EMT with endorsement(s), AEMT, and paramedic levels. The medical director may assign duties as appropriate, but retains the overall responsibility for the refresher.

(7) All ECPs shall affirm understanding of their recurring duty to comply with CE requirements as part of license renewal.

(a) The ECP is responsible for maintaining documentation of completed CE and refresher and their medical director's authorization/attestation of continued competence (including endorsement skills) on a board-approved form which shall be made available to the board upon request.

(b) The medical director may require the ECP to complete additional CE hours or training to ensure competency of endorsement skills.


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