(1) An assistant starter is an individual hired by the racing association and supervised by the starter to handle horses in and around the starting gate, and ensure that each horse has a fair start.

(2) Assistant starters, with respect to an official race, shall not:

(a) handle or take charge of any horse in the starting gate without the express permission of the starter;

(b) impede the start of a race;

(c) slap, boot or otherwise dispatch a horse from the starting gate;

(d) strike or use abusive language to a jockey;

(e) receive money or other compensation, gratuity or reward, in connection with the running of any race or races; nor shall any person give to any assistant starter such money, compensation, gratuity or reward, except such compensation as salaries received from the race meet licensee; or

(f) wager, directly or indirectly, on any race in which they perform official duties.

(3) Assistant starters may also work as valets, if properly licensed as valets by the board.

(4) Assistant starters who are not also licensed as valets and performing valet functions during a particular race must remain at the starting gate location throughout the duration of the race day, except for reasonable comfort breaks. The assistant starters shall report all unauthorized activities to the starter.

(5) All assistant starters must wear a properly secured safety helmet and safety vest while on the racing surface handling a horse. For the purpose of this regulation, an assistant starter is any person licensed as an assistant starter or any person who handles a horse at the starting gates.

(a) Safety helmets must comply with one of the following minimum safety standards or later revisions: (ASTM F1163), (EN 1384) and (PAS 015), (AS/NZ 3838).

(b) Safety vests must comply with the following minimum safety standard: (BETA 2000 level 1).


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