(1) Lecturers, instructors, and speakers may claim continuing education credit for both preparation and presentation time for a course once during a three-year reporting period only to the extent the activities maintain or increase their professional competence and qualify for continuing education credit for participants. Credit may be claimed for actual course presentation time and for preparation time up to two times the class credit hours once in any rolling three-year period. The maximum credit for such preparation and teaching shall not exceed 50 percent (or 60 hours) of the basic requirement in any rolling three-year period.

(2) Continuing education credit may be claimed for serving as a report reviewer under structured report review programs to be approved on a case-by-case basis by the board. Once approved, one hour of credit shall be granted for every hour spent reviewing reports. The maximum credit for such reviews shall be no more than 16 hours in any given calendar year.

(3) Technical reviewers of qualified CPE programs may receive CPE credit for the actual review time up to the actual number of CPE hours for the learning activity. Not more than 50 percent (60 hours) of the total CPE hours required for the reporting period can be claimed for technical review of CPE courses.


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