(1) PRTF services must include active treatment designed to achieve the discharge of the youth to a less restrictive level of care at the earliest possible time.

(2) PRTF services must be provided under the direction of a licensed physician.

(3) The PRTF treatment plan must be comprehensive and address all psychiatric, medical, educational, psychological, social, behavioral, and developmental treatment needs.

(4) The treatment plan and discharge plan for the youth must be reviewed at least every 30 days at the multidisciplinary treatment team meeting, and more frequently if there is a significant change in the condition of the youth. The multidisciplinary treatment team must be consistent with 42 CFR 441.156. The parent or legal representative of the youth must be invited to participate in these meetings, and given adequate notice to participate. Adequate notice means generally a week unless the condition of the youth dictates otherwise.

(5) PRTF services include only treatment or services provided in accordance with all applicable licensure, certification, and accreditation requirements, and these rules.

(6) The content of the treatment plan and discharge plan must meet all minimum state and federal requirements.


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